Try Bobbi's "Homestyle "Catering; When Your Next Event Is Important to You

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Bobbi Black is a savvy businesswoman looking to convert a talent into a business opportunity.   She takes great pride in pursuing a catering business opportunity that will utilize a skill that has always intrigued her family members.

Launching a small business can be challenging for anyone, however, challenges are not new to Bobbi, nor will they reduce her resolve to be successful.  "I have faced challenges all my life but through it all, challenges have served to refine my life, not diminish me."

Bobbi identifies her teen years as being a most challenging time in her life.  "I was a young girl weighted down with low self-esteem battling to be accepted.  I felt I was unattractive and underdeveloped compared to my friends.   These are the things that clouded my ability to make good decisions early on in my life. " Bobbi not only birthed one child during her teenage years but by the age of 20, she persevered as an unwed mother of four young boys.

Bobbi finds great comfort in the catering business she and her business partner are starting.   Her belief in their success is captured in the fact that the business carries her name, "Bobbi's Homestyle Catering." The name is based off the executive chef and the style of cooking. "We want our customers to feel as if they were at home eating in good

old mom 's kitchen.  We also believe in the bonding  of   individuals,   and  that  comes from sharing a wonderful comforting meal, whether it be personal or business related," shared Bobbi.

Bobbi 's Homestyle Catering will cater to all cultures.  Their specialty dishes are - Chicken  Lasagna, smothered  pork  chops, and all flavored wings. They offer a full menu which can be found at their website.

The customers of Bobbi's Homestyle Catering will also be contributing to a worthy cause  in  the community.  "In  the  future we plan to give back to our community by getting involved with the youth. We plan on focusing on teen-aged mothers.  We want to be able to assist with their growth as strong dependable mothers for their children," says Bobbi, who was a teenage mother herself who completely understands the struggles and   the  value  of  outside  contributions. Bobbi is starting a new business with great support.  Her business partner is her fiance Tony Wilson, and she is supported at all levels of the business by family members.

Bobbi's  Homestyle Catering is  ideal for - social, business, birthdays, weddings, cocktail,seminars, anniversaries,fund raisers, sponsorships.